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Wilmington's Smile Design Center

Wilmington's Smile Design Center

Wilmington's Smile Design Center

Wilmington's Smile Design Center


Most orthodontic treatment is designed to make the teeth straight, but the foundation is often overlooked. Neuromuscular orthodontics focuses on the relationship between muscles, jaw joints, and teeth.

Dr. Simpson focuses on maintaining or enhancing the position and shape of the upper jaw so as not to disrupt the muscles which move the lower jaw. Through neuromuscular orthodontics, the upper jaw is developed to optimal shape and position first, and then the same is done for the lower jaw in order to keep muscles relaxed and comfortable for long-term stability. We use computer aided neuromuscular science in assessing optimal function among these three important elements. With this precise instrumentation, the guesswork is taken out of determining the correct jaw and bite position.

Orthodontics for children and young adults

Dr. Simpson uses advanced, orthopedic and orthodontic techniques to guide growth and development in children and young adults. This fosters a balanced growth pattern, proper facial muscle and airway development. As these delicate relationships take shape and are maintained, lifelong improvements in health and appearance can occur. 60% of a child’s facial development is completed by Age 8, and 90% of facial development is completed by Age 12. This means that the earlier your child is evaluated, the better the opportunity to detect and correct any growth and development problems that may be present.

Our unique approach and goal is to monitor and guide the growth and development of young children to achieve the following:
  • A Pleasing and Balanced Face which equals Optimal Esthetics
  • A Beautiful “Full Smile”
  • A Normal and Functional Bite
  • Minimize the length of time that your child will need braces

Cosmetic and Neuromuscular orthodontic solutions for adults

Are you dealing with a relapse in your front teeth after having braces? Do you have overcrowding? TMD? Dr. Simpson offers a variety of treatment options to fulfill your orthodontic needs, from Invisalign, 6-months smile, to clear braces. Whether you are interested minor cosmetic realignment of a few teeth, correction of severe crowding or suffering with jaw pain and headaches, your comprehensive orthodontic evaluation will help you decide the best treatment option.

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