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Wilmington's Smile Design Center

Wilmington's Smile Design Center

Wilmington's Smile Design Center

Wilmington's Smile Design Center

Full Mouth Rejuvenation

A full mouth rejuvenation, or full mouth reconstruction, is a smile makeover plus more.

It is more than cosmetic work, although it can include any amount of cosmetic work. It also addresses your bite, also known as your occlusion. This is the way the upper and lower teeth come together, and is a function of how well your jaw joint works and how well your teeth are placed. A misaligned bite is uncomfortable and is closely inter-related with a misaligned jaw joint. Full mouth rejuvenation is a fancy name for a particular approach, which combines the art of making you look better with the science of making you feel better. It’s where function meets appearance.

How can my whole body be affected by my teeth?

The jaw joint is small and delicate and very flexible. You can feel it by opening your mouth with a finger placed in front of one ear. This is where the lower jaw (mandible) meets the skull, and it’s a little ball-and-socket joint. Most dentists don’t address any jaw joint issues. If you have a misaligned bite, you need to see a dentist that provides neuromuscular dentistry.

A poorly aligned jaw or a bad bite, creates deterioration of your teeth, causing them to look chipped and worn. You may begin to see areas of gum recession. Your bottom front teeth may begin to shift and look crooked. This can dramatically impact the appearance of your face.

Suddenly you start to see your lips changing shape and becoming thin. Wrinkles and creases form and deepen on the sides of your nose and mouth. Your lower lip starts to roll out and jowls begin to appear. Taking care of your jaw alignment problems not only improves the function of your mouth, it improves your looks and erases obvious signs of aging!

Our innovative non-invasive approach will reestablish proper jaw alignment where your muscles and underlying structures look and feel most comfortable.

This will not only rejuvenate your smile naturally but also the rest of you! Dr. Simpson is well-trained to provide whole-mouth dental care with full mouth rejuvenations, treating not just your teeth, but your gums, jaw, and muscles as well to provide a result that is cosmetic and functional. The effects of a healthy smile go far beyond your mouth. Not only will you feel a tremendous boost in confidence, but you may see far-reaching health effects, including the improvement of conditions you would never have imagined were related to your dental problems.

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