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Safe, Effective Teeth Whitening Options


Let’s face it; oral hygiene is just as much about the unseen health of your teeth as it is the pursuit of those pearly whites. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting a smile that sparkles – in fact, investing in a brighter grin can even make you look and feel younger, not to mention save some of your hard-earned cash in the long run when you don’t end up needing extra dental work done to preserve your teeth.


Because whitening one’s teeth has become so commonplace, there are tons of options out there for every budget and health-related stipulation. Whether your teeth are in great shape, have slight discoloration, or are so sensitive that you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed an ice cream cone, there is a whitening treatment for you! The key is to find the one that is both safe and effective for your chompers.


Store-bought trays

We’ve all seen them on a run to the local drugstore or grocery shopping adventure. You might have even contemplated picking up a teeth whitening tray kit, just to see if they actually work. Good news: they do! And, as long as you check up on the brand names and reputations, along with the active ingredients used in the gels and the materials that those trays are made of, they’re perfectly safe, too.

If they still make you a little uneasy, though, you can always talk to Dr. Simpson about the take-home trays she has on hand. She provides her patients with an activator gel and gives you thorough instructions for application and aftercare. Because you’re receiving the supplies directly from a dental professional, the trays are customized just for you, and those active ingredients we mentioned are much stronger than anything you’ll buy at the nearest store. At your next appointment, talk to Dr. Simpson and find out if this is the right whitening option for you! 



Perhaps you’re hoping to find an option that doesn’t require recurring applications, or one that will do more than just whiten your teeth. Veneers are great for those who want to invest in something more permanent, and can correct conditions like weak tooth enamel or existing chips and imperfections. Because veneers are applied directly to your teeth, and are made using porcelain rather than anything as porous as your real enamel, they stay in place and don’t sustain the same amount of damage that your actual teeth do.


In-office treatments

Finally, if you prefer to leave the health and sheen of your smile in Dr. Simpson’s capable hands, then you can always schedule an appointment and have her handle whitening your teeth using the Zoom system. In about 30 minutes, this procedure uses a peroxide-based gel, softened up under a warm lamp, to speed up the process and show significant results. It is a permanent solution, much like veneers, which means that while the procedure itself is more expensive than the trays, it doesn’t require reapplication or touchups. All you have to do is maintain that brilliant smile, and Zoom does the rest!


Remember that you can always discuss your teeth whitening options further with Dr. Simpson, and the two of you will work together to find the solution that is safest and most effective for you. Contact us to request your appointment today!