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Five Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry that You Shouldn’t Believe


Studies show that many people are unhappy with their smiles and would love a cosmetic procedure to restore the health and beauty of their teeth.


However, it’s also true that many keep putting it off, and often it’s because of the myths they hear about cosmetic dentistry. If you are one of those that keep putting off your smile makeover because of rumors, it’s time to stop listening.


Here are five myths about cosmetic dentistry that you shouldn’t believe,

Cosmetic dentistry is expensive.

There was once a time where cosmetic dentistry was considered unreachable because of the cost, but those days are gone. With the many advances in today’s technology, treatment has become much more efficient and, therefore, much more affordable.


Many treatments that have cosmetic benefits are also considered restorative procedures by many insurance companies. This means that these cosmetic procedures may make crucial structural improvements to your teeth while enhancing the appearance of your smile, so your improvements may be covered.


However, if you don’t have dental insurance, don’t let that stop you. Dental insurance, or lack thereof, is one of the most common reasons that many people in our community don’t get the care they deserve and need to have a healthy mouth and a smile they can be proud of. That’s why Michele Simpson offers a Dental Savings Plan designed to provide affordable dental healthcare to all families.


Cosmetic procedures are painful.

Again, with today’s technology, many cosmetic procedures are minimally invasive and virtually painless. For the procedures that require more intensive treatment, other advances in technology such as sedation and anesthesia, allow cosmetic treatments to be performed with limited pain and discomfort. With cutting edge technology and advanced procedures, these treatments are more comfortable and safer, which means that you can recover quickly without as much pain!


[See our full list of cosmetic procedures here]


Procedures can damage your teeth.

There is a common myth about cosmetic dentistry being harmful to your natural teeth when discussing porcelain dental veneers. Fortunately, these veneers are not damaging. With porcelain veneers, your teeth are left mostly intact and are only minimally altered.


Michele Simpson prioritizes saving your natural, healthy teeth whenever possible. Our methods will allow you to preserve and increase the lifespan of natural teeth when possible and will repair heavily damaged teeth when necessary. With our innovative technology and highly experienced staff, we can preserve your natural teeth and restore the structure of your smile.


At-home kits are just as good.

At-home kits are often hit-or-miss and will not provide the same sort of benefit as an in-office treatment. Not only will in-office cosmetic dentistry deliver meaningful results, but they will last.


Cosmetic procedures aren’t meant for older people.

It’s never too late to get the winning smile you’ve always wanted. Regardless of your age, cosmetic dentistry is meant to meet all your needs. By correcting discolored teeth and misalignments, which happen as you age, you improve your oral health and your smile. Giving you the confidence you need to take on the day!


We understand that getting cosmetic dentistry can be a big decision, but you don’t have to make this choice alone! Together we can discuss your desired results and which treatments are available to help you obtain your ideal smile.


Until things return to normal in our world, be sure to utilize our Smile Virtual tool for a free consultation from the comfort of your home.