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5 Tips for a Healthier Smile in 2020


New year new smile! A new year is the perfect opportunity to make some changes in your life,  and if you’re looking for a new years resolution that doesn’t involve a scale – we’ve got the perfect idea for you. So many people overlook their oral hygiene when it comes to their overall health, but the way that you take care of your pearly whites can actually contribute to a significant amount of conditions. That’s why we put together these five tips that you can follow for a healthier mouth and happier smile in 2020.

Brush regularly

This almost goes without saying, but one of the most basic steps that you can take for a healthier mouth is to brush your teeth regularly. Dr. Simpson recommends brushing at least twice daily for no less than two minutes each time. Try to brush with toothpaste that contains fluoride, which will strengthen the enamel on your teeth.

If you’re having trouble brushing your teeth regularly, you might consider trying an electric toothbrush. There are several available online for under $30, and some have built in timers that let you know when you’re done brushing. They’re a great way to shake up the way that you brush your teeth and get yourself into a healthier routine.

Floss every day

Flossing your teeth is critical for preventing gum disease, because it removes the food and bacteria from between your teeth that can’t be reached by a toothbrush. Dr. Simpson recommends flossing twice a day, however flossing once before bedtime is a great start. If you have trouble flossing with standard dental floss, we recommend trying a floss pick. These can make it easier to get into the back of your mouth and floss between those hard to reach teeth.

Use mouthwash

While using mouthwash is an important step in any oral hygiene regimen, it should never be substituted for brushing and flossing your teeth. In fact, mouthwash should be used after brushing and flossing to help prevent cavities, kill germs, prevent tartar buildup, and freshen up your breath.

There are also different kinds of mouthwash that have different benefits. Many mouthwashes contain fluoride, which will help to strengthen and protect your teeth, however there are several that do not contain fluoride at all. If you have a hard time using mouthwash because of the burning sensation associated with it, try using one that doesn’t contain alcohol.

Eat a healthy diet

While this is easier said than done, it’s important to keep in mind that the foods you eat can have a big impact on your oral health. Foods that are high in sugar stick to your teeth and cause cavities, and foods that are high in acid can break down the enamel on your teeth. Try to limit your intake of these kinds of foods, and when you do eat them, try to brush your teeth immediately afterward. The best kinds of foods for your teeth are those that are rich in nutrients such as calcium and vitamin C, which help maintain strong bones and boost gum health respectively.

Visit the dentist regularly

Taking regular trips to the dentist is one of the most important things that you can do for your overall health. While we recommend no less than two dental cleanings each year, some patients may need to visit more often than that. This is important because your dentist will be able to catch things like gum disease in their early stages, before they get too out of hand. Additionally, your dentist will be able to provide recommendations for other steps you can take to improve your dental health, and, depending on your medical situation, your dentist may recommend a different dental health regimen altogether. For example, pregnant women are more prone to periodontal diseases (gum disease) than women who aren’t pregnant and should talk to their dentist about steps they can take to protect their oral health and the health of their child.

There you have it – five easy steps that you can take for a healthier, happier smile in 2020! While each of these might seem like small changes on their own, by adopting each of them into your life you can make a big difference on your overall health. If you feel like you need more help getting your dental health in order, give us a call at the Wilmington Smile Design Center today!