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Dental practices may be constantly changing, but Dr. Simpson and her staff keep pace with the latest research and procedures to provide you with the best dental care in the area. From regular cleanings to specialized treatment or cosmetic work, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us that suits your individual needs. Visit our office, conveniently located on Masonboro Loop Road, or request a time online. Either way, we’re here to help keep you smiling!

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TMJ Treament

Jaw pain may not be as simple a matter as you might think. It’s just one of the more common symptoms of TMJ, indicating a misalignment between teeth, jaw joints, and your head and neck muscles. Our staff has the neuromuscular dentistry training to help you diagnose and alleviate the problem at its root cause.

General Dentistry

Like any other aspect of your health, dental hygiene requires a regular cleaning regimen to keep in tip-top shape. Do your teeth a favor by entrusting them with a dentist who has experience in everything from routine visits to dental restorations, and who will address your concerns with a positive attitude and a solid approach.

Cosmetic Dentistry

It never hurts to go the extra mile, especially where your teeth are concerned! With cosmetic procedures like an in-depth fluoride treatment or whitening, it’s easier than ever to make your smile the best it can be. Invest in a dentist you can rely on to bring your teeth back to a healthy white glow, and then help them stay that way with regular visits.